Natural comb


Hypoallergenic wooden comb with sparse teeth, rounded tips, grip with handle.

This natural beechwood comb, waxed, polished and hand-finished, is ideal for taking care of even the most fragile hair: thanks to its rounded teeth, it gently disentangles the hair, without damaging the flakes, and offers a pleasant and relaxing massage to the skin. Massaging the scalp also means reactivating blood microcirculation, bringing greater oxygenation to the bulb: this means stronger, healthier and shinier hair. In addition, unlike plastic teeth, the wooden ones absorb excess sebum, purifying the skin in a natural way, and are antistatic, for light hair and never again “electric”!

With wet or dry hair, it is advisable to start with the tips and comb gently from top to bottom, untying the knots. The wooden comb is also perfect for the application of compresses and treatments – such as our Filodellanima mask – because it helps to distribute the product evenly and gives a pleasant massage to the skin.